Super Mario Run

Ok, I’m going a little off-piste here. I know this is mainly a photography blog, but it is technology too. And what is Super Mario Run but a game on the latest technology! Ha ha. so I guess it fits the theme. Anyway, I am super-excited because I downloaded the latest Mario game on mobile a couple of days ago and haven’t stopped playing it since. I am a huge geek and have loved the mustachioed Italian plumber for as long as I can remember. The sight of his red dungarees and Magnum-like moustache makes me go a bit weak at the knees.

So the game is Nintendo’s first on other people’s platforms for a long time and as you’d expect from the Japanese game masters, it is an incredibly polished thing. It is classic Mario from start to finish with all the characters and backdrops you would expect from previous titles. The main difference is that this is a constant running game, which means that you only control Mario’s jump as he is constantly running forward. It keeps the controls simple and easy to operate for the mobile market. They manage to squeeze in a lot more game-play than you would imagine too, with these simple controls.

The game itself is free to download for the first couple of levels, but then you have to pay $9.99 to unlock any further levels. Though some people have complained about this, it seems fair enough to me. You are getting a whole lot of polished game for that money. People who don’t want to pay need to be reminded that there are a lot of hardworking people who spend time on making these things happen.

Anyway, the game is super-fun and I highly recommend downloading a copy. You can see if you like it then buy a copy if you do! Thanks for reading!

Super Mario Run

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